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Tis The Season To Be Fired

John Krease Dec 29

The season just ended yesterday and already three coaches have been, canned like some corn. We want to say see you at the crossroads to the Dtown’s Rod Marinelli, the Cleveland Browns Romeo Crennel and Eric Mangini of the Jets.

One of these coaches was trying to teach an old dog new tricks, another was trying to go down in history, while the last was just working with the scraps he was given.

Rod Marinelli…0-16. Bottom line you will never coach in the league again. You almost loose all credibility as a coach even amongst flag football players. You will be lucky if you get a head coaching job for the Lingerie Bowl.

But the other two, we do not blame the coaches. We know neither made the playoffs, but this is a year where the Patriots nor Cowboys made it so how mad can you be if you’re the Browns or Jets.

Eric Mangini, you had the playoffs within your grasp, then you went and tricked it off. We blame Brett Farve, but they obviously blamed you. If you fired him they might as well let Brett Farve go too.

And Romeo (head shake). The only thing that stinks more than the team is the organization and Romeo was like some poporrie to the situation. Did they really think they would get Bill Cowher, who declined to job…a team that has more staf infections than good players.


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