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Tim Tebow & Mom’s Wack Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad


Tim Tebow’s Mom may have been work back in her glory days, but if so, I definitely don’t see it. I tend to stay out of the whole abortion debate because as Tupac said, “since a man can’t make one, he has no right to tell a woman, when and where to create one.” Tebow and family probably got chipped nicely for this and since he is no longer just a businessman (he’s a Business Man) appearing in this commercial seemed only right.

You know the motto, “if you’re getting cheese, than it’s for sheez.” This commercial was decent because Tebow was in it, but really wasn’t that impactful. That’s what happens when the SEC Championship and Natty hopes are tricked off like a few stacks at the titty bar on the 2nd & 16th.


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