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Tigers Ex Side-Boos Having Anniversary Party In Cali


Ahh, it’s that time of year, when you start reminiscing about all the mistakes you made in 2010, and start thinking about new ones to make in 2011.

Tiger Woods is currently being forced to remember his mistakes of 2009, in one of those “why you bringing up old ish” type situations, as the one-year anniversary of his indiscretions becoming common knowledge has arrived.

And now that side-boos have all the power in this world, Tiger won’t be able to stop the “Reunion” Cocktail Party being thrown by three of his former c-dumpsters; Holly Sampson, Jamie Ungers and Joslyn James on Friday December 3.

In case you’re interested, and you think something like this is cool, the party will be held at Zin Bistro Americana in Westlake Village which is conveniently a few miles down the road from Thousand Oaks, where Tiger will be participating in the Chevron World Challenge.

Other attendees might include a few more of Tiger’s ex side-boos, mainly the ones that are still hungry for that last scrap of fame.

These chicks really need to give it a rest. You guys are jokes…and none of you (ho’s) made out like Elin anyway and inevitably that fast dough got burned up quicker than some rock at The Carter.

And they say the ring don’t mean a thing.


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