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Tiger Woods Already The GOAT…

Kodackid Mar 31

Tiger Woods is the Greatest of All Time and he ain’t even close to finishing his career. You know you can play golf till you can;t walk no more, so he has at least 40 more years of playing left. Tiger Woods is golf. People only pay attention to it if he is playing.

Case in point, the Bay Hill tourney was up 23 percent from last year and attracted more viewers than the British Open and PGA Championship last year when Woods did not play because of knee surgery. You can’t name another player in any sport that gives as much as he does to their sport.

But, they do pay Tiger nicely for it. Dude did make over $110 milli last year. So its him. Not Jordan. Not LeBron. And definately not ARod. Who will be the first athlete to make a billion dollars. Must be nice.

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