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The Yankees Make A Fool Out Of Boston…

Kodackid Aug 24


The evil empire is getting stronger. The Yankees got the best record in the League and just got through crushing Boston 2 games to 1. And we mean crushing…it was 20-11 in the first game and 8-4 in the game last night. And the Yanks didn’t just knock 5 homers out the park, they did it off Boston’s best…Josh Beckett.

ARod even hit one. Meanwhile, CC became the first pitcher to win 15 games. And D. Jeter, who’s playing hotter than his girl right now, got his 2,700th hit with the Yanks and now has the 2nd most hits all-time…just 21 behind Lou Gehrig.

But the scary thing is not that Jeter is going to break Lou Gehrig’s record this season…the scary thing is that if Boston can’t stop the Yankees, who can?



  1. Collette August 24, 2009

    The Tampa Bay Rays…


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