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The Women On The TO Show…

John Krease Jul 20


Season premier of the T.O. Show tonight… so exciting. But before it starts, we thought we’d get you caught up on the girls you are going to be seeing on the show.

Jessica White (Love Interest): 24 Years Old (34-24-34). Supermodel. Suffers from the same forehead problem as Tyra Banks. Considered a dime by many. You remember her from the SI Swimsuit Issue.

Kari Klinkenborg (The Boo): 24 Years Old (34-25-36). Former University of Florida Volleyball player, turned model. 6 feet tall. Has been rumored to be dating TO for awhile. Low key, she might be the best looking.

Felisha Terrell (The Ex): 30 Years Old (Unknown). TO’s Ex-Fiancee. Cheated on her and they broke up. The one they say made him OD on pills. Model/Actress. Now a regular on Days Of Our Lives. Arianna.


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  1. Baby Girl August 26, 2009

    I see u had something negative to say about the african american lady jessica, and thinks kari is the better one. No Kari is the golddigger and just what kind of modeling has she done. at least jessica has establish herself and felisha that he wouldn’t cheat on her? You just want him to be with the white golddigger white trash. And by the way jessica is prettier that both of them head and all!!

  2. Shisha sheesh August 31, 2009

    Yeah Im on team Jessica, always down for the successful black girl or black girl in general, after all which one of these white girls would want him if he wasnt rich and famous?

  3. meg September 2, 2009

    y u gangin up on the white gurl like tht. shez pretty nd down to earth. shez strong bout the relationship wit t.o. i honestly think shez too good for t.o. i meen he does have relationship issues.

  4. Nina October 3, 2009

    Let him choose the white girl so she will spend all of his money. She brings nothing to the relationship financially but she is the one pushing him to make a committment. Let the stupid ball player follow suit. I think its so stupid when they want to say they love their mother but they go for the woman that looks nothing like her. Whats up with that? Ask yo mama fool….

  5. Crystal October 19, 2009

    Kari was the prettiest on the show and you could tell TO liked her best too. Jessica lost me with that whole “google me” comment. What a b*tch!

  6. Legendofstaanyloco February 20, 2010

    Ladies it’s about time that you all got over your infatuation with Black athletes dating women from other races. You have been bitching and moaning about this harsh reality for decades now, and I hate to tell you that Black athletes don’t give a fuck what you think. Let Reggie, T.O., OJ and the scores of athletes date whom they choose, without prejudice and salty haterade from those not chosen. They weren’t going to date you anyway so why do you care?

  7. shanta July 27, 2010

    I think Jessica is the one he should be with. I feel like she’s the one that will keep him in line. Kari is just after his bank account. Thats why she keep on rushing him into marriage. If he marry Kare she will divorce him in a year or two,and drain his account.


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