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The Saddest Part Of Championship Sunday


After the initial announcement that former Colts running back Edgerrin James and former Saints running back Deuce McAllister would be serving as honorary captains for their respective old teams on Conference Championship Sunday, my heart started to flutter a bit. I remember both these dudes vividly balling out in the not so distant past but now to see them both out of the game like Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan is a little saddening to say the least. At first the courtesy recognition that the Colts and Saints displayed for their former legends was heartwarming (no Marvin Harrison or Joe Horn love though), but then it just got flat-out weird.

Both men were on the podium during the AFC & NFC trophy presentations and were given the honor of handing over the hardware to their former owners Jim Irsay (Colts) and Tom Benson (Saints). These where the very same men that decided to give both Edge and Deuce the boot even though both men were in differing situations. In Edge’s case, after years of not getting the longterm contract that he had hoped for, instead being franchised like Star Wars, he decided to holler at the Cardinals for that big pay day that the Colt should have given him. Deuce’s career with the Saints was ended due to injury problems, which makes it a little more understandable.

Either way, how awkward is it to watch your former team celebrating a berth to the Super Bowl, that they reached without your services. The Colts have consistently bowed down to Edge, giving him a ring after their Super Bowl XLI victory for all his contributions to the team, even though he had bounced to Arizona. If I was him, I would probably let the ring appreciate and then slang that thang to the highest bidder.


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