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The Richest And Most Valuble Teams In The NFL…


Everybody that knows anything about football knows that America’s Team, aka The Dallas Cowboys, are worth more than any other sports franchise. How else do you think they could build the sickest stadium in the US for over a billion dollars…

But just because they’re worth the most doesn’t mean they make the most. That title goes to the Washington Redskins, who clear $345 million every year. Even the New England Patriots ($302) have more revenue coming in than the Cowboys ($280).

And the team who has the least amount in revenue, the Lions…who still pull in a very respectible $206 mill. Now imagine how much they’d make if they won a game. SI.com



  1. Matula September 3, 2009

    I’m sorry for you but the franchise who makes more money per year in the world it’s the Real Madrid Football Club


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