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The Red Sox Vs Yankees Series Is Getting Soft…

John Krease Aug 10


The Yankees swept Boston yesterday with the 5-2 win and we were just like damn…what happened to one of the biggest rivalries in sports? Don’t get us wrong- the games were somewhat exciting, but there was no fight in Boston.

They got outscored 25-8, they had 31 straight scoreless innings, and they let ARod homer twice. Now he’s passed up Harmon Killebrew for ninth on the all-time home run list with 574. Looks like someone might have their swing back.

Worst of all, the Yankees are now on a seven game winning streak and have 69 wins…two better than our team, the Dodgers. We blame Boston for it all. Not only did they allow the Yankees to overtake the Dodgers for first place in the Majors, they themselves fell 6.5 games back of the Yankees. And with only 52 games left in the season, the gap is only going to get harder and harder to makeup.


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