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The Real Housewives Of The NBA…Coming Soon

Kodackid Sep 18


This comes straight from Angela Yee’s radio show (audio)…Shaq’s wife, Shaunie, was on there talking about how her and her hubbie are out pitching an NBA Housewives TV show to studios right now starring her along with these baller wives…

Evelyn Lozado (Antoine Walker’s fiancé), Denika Williams (Jason Williams’ wife from the Orlando Magic), Royce Reed (Dwight Howard’s baby mama), Jennifer Williams (Eric Williams’ wife), and Tracy Mourning (Alonzo Mourning’s wife).

But biggest news from the interview is what she had to say about Kobe and him snitching on Shaq saying he be paying his side beezies, we got the quote below…

SHAUNIE: When it came out of his mouth … I have to filter through everything … It’s one of those things where – I didn’t know how much people lie, and how much people make up things and how hurtful people could be. And not care about you, not care about your family or how it’s portrayed.

I’m glad there are people, such as me, who don’t believe everything they hear.


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