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UPDATE: The Old Switch-A-Roo…Ariza To The Rockets

John Krease Jul 02


UPDATE: It wasn’t about the money it was about respect…word is Trevor left a $9 million a year deal on the table from the Raptors and decided to go to the Rockets.

Artest goes to the Lakers and just about an hour later, Trevor is headed to the Rockets. Word in league offices is that Trevor signed a 5-year $33.5 million contract (about $6.7 million a year) this evening. Why the Lakers didn’t give him that when it’s only $700K a year more than what they gave Artest, we will never know.

But we are happy for our knig and we wish him good luck over there because he’s going to need it. TMac got hurt, Yao got hurt, Carl Landry got shot…it’s like Houston got a curse or something. Now in memory of Trevor’s time here in LA, below we have for you a mix of all his best plays as a Laker.


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