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Video: 2009 Celebrity Softball Game…It Was Cracking

Kodackid Jul 13


So last night, the Celebrity Softball game went down that is part of All-Star Weekend and they had some decently big celebrities out there: Bob Knight, Nelly and his boo Ashanti, Ozzie Smith, Mike Golic, Billy Bob Thornton, Shawn Jonhson, that chick Pam from “The Office,” and some other B to D Listers.

And even with a couple of Hall of Famer’s playing, Nelly was for sure the star of the show. His team won 10-8 and he had a two-run home run and made a sick ass Ken Griffey-esque catch in center field. Can you say MVP?

Oops…we should of told you that this was a spoiler alert because it’s not airing until tonight after the HomeRun Derby. Our bad. But if you want to see how stumpy Shawn Johnson looks, how much Billy Bob looks like Captain Morgan, or just how fat Mike Golic is going to look tonight on TV, then check below….



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