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The King Is Back!!!


The Cavs opened up their Training Camp Monday, which means that the legend and 2009 MVP King James is back…like Snooky. After a humiliating defeat in the Eastern Conference Finals last season, which included Bron bouncing to the locker room immediately after the game without giving any love to the victorious Magic, the Cavs decided to get their jewelry and toolery right with some solid offseason acquisitions. While the squares have focused their attention on Shaq, the additions of Leon Powe and Jamario Moon will greatly improve the 2nd unit. When Powe is healthy, he is solid and Moon has plenty of potential which the King should be able to utilize.

The bottom line is even though the Cavs didn’t give the people the much anticipated Finals matchup with the Lakers, that would have been beyond legendary, they did have the best record in the league (66-16), with a squad sans LeBron that could be considered one of your wacker in the NBA. But if Shaq can give them a solid 50 games in the regular season and they can avoid any major setbacks, this team on paper should win the championship guaranteed.

We’ll start to find out in less than a month, but for now we can look forward to the Cavs first preseason game Oct. 6, at home against the Bobcats.


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