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The HomeRun Derby Just Ain’t What it Used To Be…

Kodackid Jul 14


We think there was a time when the Homerun Derby was good, but no longer. We were up for the Derby before it started, but then after a couple of minutes, we realized that it was wacker than Oprah’s look with no make-up on…so we turned it to 106 and Park so we could see Rocsi and how to do the jerk.

The Derby was like watching golf. If Albert Pujols wouldn’t have called Yankee stadium “Jankee Stadium” during one of his interviews, we would have gave the entire event two thumbs way down.

Pujols lost. Ryan Howard lost. And Cecil Fielder’s son won. But really, he loses in life because he’s the one that has to play in Milwaukee…let’s be honest… the best thing about the Brewers is the weiner race.

And if you are looking for Celebrity All Star game coverage, you found it.


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