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The Best Of The Jessica Romo Rumors

For those of us who do not indulge in celebrity gossip magazines you probably did not hear the rumor that Tony Romo cheated on Jessica. So just so you do not have to pick up the magazine here goes the story, a snitch is saying that Romo was beating cakes in her bed while she was out of town. Want more okay…

Friends are rumored to say that Jessica calls Romo FBD aka Future Baby’s Daddy when he’s not around.

And Perzhilton had a source tell him they are actively trying to have a baby and that we shouldn’t be surprised if Jessica makes an announcement that she’s pregnant very soon.

Not to be left out the National Enquirer ran a story that said she took a home pregnancy test, mistakenly thought it was positive, told Romo’s family and they got salty.

We say enough already because either Jessica has some shady friends or all these publications are just inventing their so called sources. Well since all the other people have their hat in the arena, couldn’t it be possible she got a little bigger because she is pregnant already?


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