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The Baddest Boo Of The Week…Cheryl Cole

John Krease Jul 03


Let’s give our knig, soccer player Ashley Cole a hand because his boo Cheryl Cole is bad! We have not seen a chick wear a dress and look this good in it since Puff took JLo to the ’00 Grammy’s and she wore that green dress. She look so good she makes us want to leave the one we’re with and start a new relationship.

And ladies sorry, but unless you have £4,000 and know some British designer who goes by the name of Alexander McQueen, you will not be wearing this. But, congratulations to our girl Cheryl, for turning 26 yesterday and celebrating her birthday in so much style…she is our bad boo of the week.

And we have more pics of her rocking that dress like…HERE.


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