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That’s Your Azz: NCAA Sanctions USC For Infractions


Judgment day finally came for USC, as the NCAA handed down numerous sanctions for various infractions by the program, mainly involving 2 of the school’s bigger Legends: Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo. The biggest tramp in this whole situation is Pete Carroll, who basically bounced on the program for the NFL when they needed him most. The basketball team already put themselves in self-check last year, punishing a team and coach that had nothing to do with the shady shenanigans, by imposing a postseason ban.

On Thursday it was the football’s teams turn to get the proverbial NCAA boot up their azz, as the Trojans were hit with a 2-year postseason ban as well as a reduction in scholarships over the next few seasons. This is probably the worst possible timing the Pac-10 currently looking to expand by adding several teams from the Big 12, including Texas, the squad that served the Trojans in the legendary Natty game a few years ago.

The biggest winner in this whole situation is Rick Neuheisel and the UCLA football squad, who should see an influx of top talent from the region, as many prospects might see the postseason ban as something that they aren’t willing to roll with.


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