That’s Your Azz: Mike Tyson LAX Fight Video Released


So the good folks over at TMZ finally released the video of Mike Tyson’s fight with paparazzi Tony Echevarria that took place last November. In the video Tyson appears to be cool with the filming at first, but eventually goes into a frenzy are Echevarria tries to follow going to the bathroom. No word if Iron Mike was going to tinkle or drop a doozer, but either way this video is pretty damn incriminating and it’s a save bet that Tyson will be making his way back to prison, for violating terms of his probation.

On the bright side, if Tyson does go back to the jail, no one will be trying to mash his cakes…unless he wants them to.

Video of the fight after the jump…

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  1. all Mike did was tell him to put it away. maybe the guy fell on his own trying to run away like a bitch!

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  3. dam dats like sum cloverfield shit

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