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That Boy Good: Vick Still Undefeated As Eagles Starter


Show of hands, who is still rolling with Kevin Kolb as the Eagles top option at quarterback? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Its funny how the chorus of haters has slowly turned over a new leaf and now have to give Michael Vick the love that he deserves. Looks like that time in prison was a blessing in disguise because Vick looks a lot hungrier now (naturally).

Vick came through for his squad yet again in Week 3, putting up 4 touchdowns as the Eagles served the Jaguars to improve to 2-1, with the loss coming in the game that Andy Reid’s first option (Kolb) started. Now that’s pimping!

Vick is playing at a level of consistency that is unparalleled to any other point in his professional career. He looks more comfortable running an offense than he ever has before, but that’s a little easier with the likes of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Shady McCoy and company, taking full advantage of those “weapons” that McNabb begged for before he got the boot.

If Vick can keep up this level of production, he his creditors should rake in some serious dough come this offseason.

Vick highlights from Week 3 after the jump…


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