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That Boy Good! UCLA Freshman Brett Hundley’s 72-Yard TD Run on First College Snap


UCLA redshirt freshman qb Brett Hundley made a splash on the first snap of his collegiate experience, on the road at Rice in Houston (aka “Booston” and/or “Side Booston), going HAM with the option keeper for a ridiculous 72-yard touchdown.

Even more impressive than the TD was the way that Hundley maintained composure throughout the remainder of the game and  did his proverbial thug thizzle in the air as well going 21-28 for 202 yards and 2 TD, to go along with his rush TD.

Surely Hundley would love to take back the pick he threw late in the first half, one of the few negatives in an utterly legendary performance, and a great way to make sure that this first test doesn’t go to his head with tons of coachable tape from the Arizona native.

Considering that former Falcons coach Jim Mora is calling the shots for UCLA now, the comparisons between Hundley and Mike Vick, another mobile, agile and versatile (Black) quarterback coached by Mora, are expected.

But it’s way too early for Bruin fans to start slurping each other’s meat’s after just one amazing performance against a Rice defense that got its lunch eaten by the Bruins offense all game long.

When watching this clip I’m reminded of John Cutter’s legendary advice when playing roulette.

[via PuntingisWinning]

Video of Brett Hundley’s 72-yard touchdown run on his first college snap after the jump…


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