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That Boy Good! Shaun White Does Work At Winter X Games With Perfect Score In Superpipe Final


With the Superpipe gold medal already locked up, Shaun White decided to end the 2012 Winter X Games with an exclamation point during his final run, going where no human has gone before with a flawless run that netted him the first perfect score in the history of the event.

White entered the Superpipe final battling a janky ankle injury that looked to derail his swag, but the snowboarding legend came through anyways with his 5th straight gold medal to continue his dominance and cement himself as the greatest of all times.

Even for the casual observer, what White did was truly incredible, and despite looking like a less swollen version of the dude from Mask (the one with Cher, not Jim Carrey), the flying tomato is bringing worldwide recognition to snowboarding.

On another note, I’m sure that if Bob Marley was alive he could do decently in Superpipe, as I’m sure he handled more than a few super pipes during his time.


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