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That Boy Good! Peyton Manning’s 51 Pass TD Set NFL Record

Peyton Manning Pass TD Record


Peyton Manning may not be able to knock Tom Brady’s main boo, but Manning can definitely knock Brady’s hustle like he did on Sunday, setting a new NFL record for most touchdown passes in a season with 51.

Manning tied Brady’s record midway through the 4th quarter after hitting Eric Decker for a TD that was challenged but confirmed, as Decker jokingly tried to hide the football in his uniform.

Eric Decker tries to hide ball

Manning hit Julius Thomas for the record-breaking 25 yard TD late in the 4th quarter with the Broncos holding a comfortable lead, and proceeded to take the proceeding congratulations from teammates, coaches and fans in Reliant Stadium as he headed towards the sideline.

Peyton even managed to get some love from the star of the most legendary films of all times, none other than How To Be A Player’s Bill Belamy:

After his unceremonious departure from the Colts, as they decided to make their next move their best one by taking Andrew Luck with the number one pick, Manning has proven to be one of the few greats to dip to another location and get even more turnt upper.

Despite age, sometimes being good is better than having luck.


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