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That Boy Good! (Blindfolded) Ricardo The Bus Boy Serves Blake Griffin In Pop-A-Shot


The Legend that is Ricardo The Bus Boy from last year’s Pop-A-Shot domination on JKL during the NBA Playoffs, is back like some cooked crack (as if it ever left), ready to serve some more fools with a cherry on top.

Now in case you don’t remember, Ricardo got in all up in a bunch of dude’s azzes like a wedgie, utterly dominating both NBA Legends and current players alike, including none other than the former back-to-back MVP LeBron James.

This year Ricardo decided to take it a step further and actually rock a blindfold to try and give his opponents a chance, but it mattered not.

Ricardo’s first victim this time around none other than Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin, who actually put up a solid 57 points with full sight. Griffin was still no match for Ricardo though, as The Bus Boy hit a shot at the buzzer and dropped 60.

That ain’t nothing but some muscle memory. Check out the video of Ricardo’s blindfolded Pop-A-Shot domination after the jump…


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