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McConaughey and Boo Support Texas in Loss

YogaGirl Nov 03

Who knew the Texas Tech could bring out Hollywood A-Lister’s like Mathew McConaughey. Always having been a Texas football supporter and his team facing #9 Texas Tech, this celebrity JerseyChaser must have felt a trip to Lubbock, Texas was needed. Unfortunately not even McConaughey’s presence could have helped the Longhorns, as they found their hands full with the high powered Tech offense.

Texas was the latest victim of the inevitable power shift, falling to the hands of a very under-respected Texas Tech squad, led by stud QB Graham Harrell and the legend that is WR Michael Crabtree. Both should be considered Heisman contenders, but Harrell will naturally get the bulk of the shine, naturally. Crabtree, scoring on literal last second touchdown from Harrell sent Texas Tech to 9-0 and the #2 position in the BCS Poll.

The game was amazing and a bunch of things, other than McConaughey’s boo Camila Alves, stood out in the truly legendary experience. We have the game highlights told through the fans that were there throughout the day, so stay tuned. For now enjoy some pictures of the couple.

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