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The Trade…Grizzles x Raptors x Mavs

The Trade…Grizzles x Raptors x Mavs

This trade right here is deep. You got the Raptors giving up Shawn Marion to the Mavs, the Mavs passing off Jerry Stackhouse to the Grizzles, and the Raptors getting some cash and/or future draft picks. A bunch of nothing exchanging hands. So we’d like to take this moment to […]

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Is The Birdman What Some Would Call A Wigger…

We already showed you that the Nuggets are the most tatted team in sports history and now here is a special on the only whiteboy in the group, The Birdman on all his tattoos. I think dude said he has like over 30 or something ridiculous. We say JR Smith […]

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In The Face: A Couple Of Nuggets

Starring Linas Kleiza as The Nugget That Won’t Flush Dunk Score: 9.5 They should have called a foul on Kleiza for dunking so hard In The Face of this fake Jordan. Notice that we do not call any one Jordan since MJ left. This dude’s name is DeAndre. Jordan Farmer, […]

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