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T-Wolves Lottery Pick Zach LaVine Explains Draft Day “F-Bomb”

Zach LaVine T-Wolves F Me


After being selected with the 13th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, former UCLA standout Zach LaVine appeared to be none to pleased with the pick, and was spotted by ESPN cameras saying “fuck me” as he hugged family members before making his way up to the podium.

Considering the situation going on with Kevin Love, another UCLA product currently looking to get out of Minnesota on the first thing smoking, LaVine’s reaction was understandable, but that didn’t stop a multitude of squares and social media savants from jumping on LaVine’s back and chastising the teen for his poor body language.

ESPN analyst Bill Simmons was the first to bring attention to the perceived disappointment on LaVine’s face, and his minions proceeded to follow suit, attempting to judge the book by its cover.

Well it appears that the situation was all a big misunderstanding, and LaVine was so overcome with emotion and disbelief that his  facial expression got lost in translation:

When my name got called, I lost it. I put my head down, thanked God, and from there, I just lost it. I’m a very emotional person. I didn’t mean anything, any disrespect, I’m the most excited person. It was almost in disbelief that I said that. I felt bad, because that’s not the best first impression to give an organization.

On the bright side, LaVine will have plenty of opportunities to make some impressions on the T-Wolves.


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