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Sweet! EA Sports Coming Soon To The iPheezy…

John Krease Mar 31


All we have to say is its about damn time. We have been hearing rumors of this happening for quite some time now. The announcement was made not too long ago saying they where going to start selling a new version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live in the Apple Store so people can play on the iPheezy.

You could be on the shitter at work and decided to play a couple of rounds of golf. For $20, how much they predict the game will cost, it will be well worth it to play where ever you want. Whether you’re waiting on your baby mama to give birth or getting the work out of town on the grey hound you can be busting someone ass in some Madden.

The Fight Night screen shots and the Madden are not from the iPheezy game


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