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Swag, Swag: Mavs Order 100 Bottles of Ace of Spades (Rose) To Celebrate 1st Championship


The Mavs went harder than a Russian (or German for that matter) following the team’s first NBA Championship, and as a wise man once said, “It’s only right.”

Now we already beent done shown you some photo evidence of the squad getting active in Club Liv in Miami following their Game 6 win, and now there is some video footage to boot, of the team ordering 100 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose.

In case you are a baller on a budget, Ace of Spades hits for well over $1,000 a bottle for the regular-sized version, but there was some magnum sized bottles in the mix as well, and them bottles are damn near bigger than J.J. Barea.

It’s a safe bet that the team spent damn near a half-million on bottle service. Now that’s pimpin!

You can bet that whoever is getting tipped out on that order ain’t tripping, and Mark Cuban is definitely trying to show the world that it ain’t tricking if you got it.

No word if he asked any of the players to throw down a few stacks to help cover the cost.


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