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Swag! Nathan Adrian Upsets Aussie James “The Missile” Magnussen by 1/100 Sec in 100m Free


Team USA swimmer Nathan Adrian may have come through with one of the most surprising upsets during the men’s 100m free, defeating Aussie James “The Missile” Magnussen with a time of 47.52.

Nathan was in 3rd place after the 50m turn, but proceeded to chase down Magnussen to eliminate the margin, just barely hitting the the wall before the Aussie in a photo finish.

Naturally Adrian was beyond ecstatic to win his first individual gold medal, and Magnussen was beyond salty to trick off a race that most that he had locked up like Doug Christie is by his main boo.

Video of Adrian’s 100m free gold medal win after the jump…



  1. Dr Michael Vaughan PhD August 15, 2012

    A loss of one one hundredth of a second cannot be more euphoric for the winner and more heart-breaking for the runner-up. Such, however, is “life at the top.” Nathan Adrian of the United States is to be congratulated on his narrowest of wins; and James Magnussen of Australia is to be commended for swimming such a tightly-contested race. For him, silver is no disgrace and his countrymen and women admire him for his pluck and tenacity.


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