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Swag: Lil Wayne Interviews Randy Moss For ESPN NFL Countdown


In one of the more legendary interviews of all times, ESPN NFL Countdown decided to get their Iconoclast hustle cracking, pairing 2 of the most outspoken/controversial dudes in their respective genres — self-proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive” Lil Wayne and 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss.

The pair covered some interesting topics, including Moss’ growth throughout his career, coming up in the game with mentors like Cris Carter, and how Moss “cried like a baby” when he was forced to initially retire before getting one last chance by Jim Harbaugh and a return back to the Bay.

As expected, Lil Wayne appeared to be on that syrup that you don’t put on pancakes, as he took on the role of sports journalist, chopping game with one of the biggest Legends in the history of football but also drawing a comparison to the rap game and what it takes to be great.

Even though ESPN is predominantly run by squares, with some borderline desperate attempts to deceive the masses into believing that have swag dripping from their proverbial ovaries, I have to give them some love for linking up Lil Wayne and Moss — Legendary.

Video of Lil Wayne and Randy Moss chopping game on ESPN NFL Countdown after the jump…


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