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Swag! Kanye West Changes Name To DJ Yeezy World Peace For New Year’s Eve(s)


Legendary producer/rapper Kanye West is stealing a page out of the book of Ron Artest, requesting that any venue that he appears at on New Year’s Eve refer to him as “DJ Yeezy World Peace” on the official invite.

Kanye, err, Yeezy World Peace expressed this request in the following tweet Wednesday night:

My New Years DJ name is gone be YEEZY WORLD PEACE! If you book me you have to put YEEZY WORLD PEACE on the E-vite. Or I ain’t spinning.

When you have the swag of a dude like Kanye, you can make outrageous demands like this and people have no choice but to follow your orders.

Needless to say a lower-tiered dude like Chingy probably couldn’t get something like this off.

But it’s not like he would have the gall too do it anyways.

[via XXL Mag]


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