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Swag: Bay Area Ballatcian E-40 Performs During Halftime of Packers-49ers NFC Divisional Playoff


 Bay Area Legend E-40 made a special appearance at the Packers-49ers NFC Divisional Playoff, repping his soil (mane) with a legendary performance of his cult classic “Tell Me When To Go” during halftime of the game.

E-40 was joined by rapper 2 Chainz at the game, and naturally got the crowd turnt up like an oven during his halftime performance, as he was swagged out in some traditional 49ers garb and popping his collar in standard fashion.

Always one to rep his soil to the maximum, it was good to see the 49ers brass showing some love to a fellow Bay Area tycoon and blessing the home audience with a mini-concert.


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