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Mike Vick’s 2009 NFL Reinstatement

John Krease Nov 20

We have a petition to support Michael Vick being able to return to the NFL immediately following his release from jail, making him eligible to play in the 2009 season.

With him set to be released in July 2009, there is talk of suspending him from the NFL for a season or maybe longer. Already having served most the time on his 23 month sentence, once he gets out Michael Vick will already been suspended from the league for 2 years.

Michael Vick, like his dogs, should be believed in and given a second chance. While the dogs had animal groups supporting their reinsertion into society and belief in rehabilitation, it is up to the fans to support Vick. Should he not too be able to return and rejoin a family, the NFL family, and the game he loves? Therefore one must support Michael Vick’s immediate re-instation.

Where most dogs would have been put down from fear they could be rehabilitate, Michael Vick’s donation of almost $1 million and celebrity have led to all of the dogs being rescued. Already many of the pit bull’s lives have gotten tremendously better, with half of them living with adopted families and the other half responding well to treatment. Michael Vick’s situation however has gotten worst. Having to file for bankruptcy while in jail, he has lost a lot – money, pride, respect, and the love of his life football. But, during his many months in jail he has gained that which is priceless – character, a greater appreciation for life, self worth, and integrity.

This petition, with all its signatures, along with a letter, will be sent to NFL Commissioner Gooddell stating our support of Michael Vick. We are acknowledging the fact that he has committed crimes in his past, but we believe he has paid for them and more importantly learned from them. These trying times has allowed Michael Vick to become a new and improved person. We believe Michael Vick should be allowed to return to football so his story can be shared and learned from by the NFL, its team, players and fans without delay. This will allow the original cause not to be lost, by keeping the goal of raising animal awareness and action still in mind.

So please sign in support of Michael Vick. Let your voice as a fan be heard. Let America’s voice be heard. Support the continued fight against animal cruelty. Support Vick’s reinstatement. It is the right thing to do.



  1. Karl November 21, 2008

    Is this a joke? Are you really advocating giving Vick a second chance and comparing his situation to the poor dogs that he destroyed? The only way I’d sign a petition like this and support his return to the NFL is if Goodell waives all penalties and punishments to hits to the head, late hits, helmet to helmet contact, roughing the passer and general unnecssary roughness calls involving Defenses against little Mike.

  2. CATZ007 November 21, 2008


  3. Lynn November 22, 2008

    Ahh…the mention of “Vick” and the fake “moral majority” come-a-running…all the while sprewing racist slurs in their purported offense to dog-fighting. Give Me A Break…they could care less about pit bulls fighting, it was never about that for them.

    Anywho…Vick will be in a halfway house in Jan and reinstated to the league for 2009. I don’t think his attorneys can construct a reorganization plan with his creditors based on his NFL earnings unless their are actual NFL earnings….and surely no one thinks they are just crossing their fingers hoping it happens. Naw, somebody got some assurances.


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