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Steve Nash Got A Lap Dance From Nicki Minaj At The Lil’ Wayne: I’m Still Music Tour 2011 Concert In PHX

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Ever since Steve Nash chunked the deuces at his wife over those alleged side-creeping shenanigans, he’s probably got to feel something like Frank “The Tank”, but with a lot more dough and swagger to boot.

With the Suns season a little bit earlier than expected this season, Nash and teammate Jared Dudley decided to holler at the Lil’ Wayne “I’m Still Music Tour 2011” concert in Phoenix.

Nash was given a special treat by Nicki Minaj, in the form of a lap dance, which he and Dudley both tweeted about in the aftermath. Nash tweeted out the following:

Aight aight! I met @liltunechi and got a lap dance from @nickiminaj! No big deal…..@JaredDudley619

Odds are that Nash probably has a key to the building (remind me to tell you about the time back in 1989 when Chris Mullin punked half of the WWF at the Oakland Coliseum Arena), so he probably didn’t need a ticket to the concert.

The fact that he took time out of his schedule to make a cameo, and the fact that Nash uses the word “aight” heavily, shows that he has supreme swag.

And you know that he’s rolling with Drake for sho.

[via Steve Nash, Jared Dudley Twitter]

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