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Stephen Jackson’s Not Rolling With The Warriors

The Insider Oct 15


If you know Warrior’s guard Stephen Jackson, his recent trade demands doen’t surprise you. What is surprising is his unceremonious exit from a preseason game versus the Lakers, and his verbal war of words with Warrior head coach Don Nelson. Jackson in essence, is biting the hand that feeds him, as Nelson is one of his biggest supporters. Remember a few years ago when Ron Artest ran into the stands in Detroit? It was Stephen Jackson who did most of the physical damage to the fans, and escaped relatively unscathed from that episode.

He was soon traded to the Warriors after a consistent pattern of bad behavior in Indiana, and one of his few takers and biggest advocates was Don Nelson. Which brings me to the other night’s preseason game against the Lakers.

From the start of the game, the trained eye could see that Jackson did not want to be out there, and was especially vocal and belligerent towards the refs and Warrior coaches. He was waging a personal one-on-one battle with Kobe Bryant, who incited Jackson by calling him ” young fella”. Jackson picked up 5 fouls and a technical in a span of 10 minutes, and was sent to the locke room by Don Nelson. Jackson was subsequently suspended two-games for his outburst, most of which was heard in the confines of the Warrior locker room. He was also stripped of his Captaincy, and the cost of his suspension was somewhere near 150k.

“Anytime somebody takes $150,000 from you, your relationship is going to change, regardless of who it is,” Jackson said. “If my mom took some money from me, I’d still love her to death, but I’d still be upset about it,” Jackson told the San Francisco Chronicle, adding that he needs to listen to Nelson on the court and nowhere else.

It is now apparent that Jackson will not stop the verbal jabs at the Warriors organization, and the Warriors can only fine and suspend him so much. The less Jackson plays on the court, the harder it will be for the Warriors to trade him. Jackson seems to know this, and is on a mission to get out of town.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Jackson has some legal issues in the state of California that aren’t considered criminal, increasing his desire to play for a team elsewhere.

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