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Stephen A. Says LeBron James Headed To Miami


Apparently Stephen A. Smith talked to 19 people about LeBron James’ impending free agency, but it only took one reliable source (who hasn’t done him wrong in 15 years) to come to the conclusion that the King will be heading to South Beach. Smith also claims that Chris Bosh will be joining a Heat squad that already includes All-Star guard Dwyane Wade. Shhheeeeeiiiit!

If this actually comes to fruition, the move would immediately make the Heat a legitimate championship contender. With damn near $50 mill in cap space next season, the Heat have enough cheese to sign 2 max deals, but their pockets may get a little thin if they get got by the sign and trade.

At this point anything is possible, as teams thirstily await the opening of free agency Thursday. Almost every franchise will be making their pitch at King James, as well as to the numerous other ballerticians looking to stack chips like Phil Ivey and them.

The Heat situation looks a little too good to be true, and unlike the Big 3 in Boston, would be a squad with 3 legit hall of famers in their legit primes. Someone’s numbers are going to have to take a dip and it probably won’t be LeBron’s.


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