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Stephon Marbury Is Mad At ESPN…Goes In On Them

Kodackid Jul 31


Naw this ain’t the UStream, this is something better…Stephon Marbuy talking sh*t about ESPN. So this begs the question, has Stef lost his mind?

And we say hell no, Stef knows what he’s doing. He has finally learned that he, like everyone else in this game, is a hoe… and you can either be pimped by someone else (ESPN) or you can become a smart hoe and start pimping yourself. And that is exactly what Stef is doing, pimping himself.

Instead of sitting down with ESPN or one of the media majors that are known to slant a story more than Fox News, Stef has created his own outlet (UStream) so he can get his own story out. A story in his words. It’s not his fault that his life is some sh*t straight out of the Twilight Zone (memory refresher).


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