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Stay Classy: Heat Guard Ray Allen Thanks Celtics Fans with Full Page Ad in The Boston Globe


Recent Heat acquisition Ray Allen decided to show some love to Boston Celtics fans by taking out the following full page ad in The Boston Globe:

“Dear Celtics fans,

For the past five years, my family and I took great pride in calling Boston home. We have loved living in this city, being members of the Celtics family and being part of your community. These memories will be cherished forever.

From my heart, THANK YOU Boston for this incredible journey.”

When a professional athlete decides to utilize free agency and take their talents from one team to another (better) team, one of the classier moves said athlete can make is taking out an ad in the major Newspaper of the city that he is departing from.

Many Celtics fans were quick to try and trash Allen for deciding to take his talents to South Beach to join MVP LeBron James’ squad, but after getting treated like a side boo in Boston, it was only right that Jesus Shuttlesworth make the holy pilgrimage to Miami to try and get another ring.

Whilst many squares are still quick to praise Allen for being classy and  bash LeBron James for that “Decision” special and what a “nightmare” it was, they always fail to acknowledge that LeBron raised millions for charity with that “publicity stunt,” including charities in the Cleveland area.

I guarantee the needy kids who directly benefitted as a result of LeBron’s decision, are very appreciative that he was able use one of the t0ughest moments of his life as a vehicle to raise money for charity.

And in case you forgot, LeBron took out a full page newspaper ad thanking fans as well.

A larger image of Ray Allen’s “Thank You” ad in The Boston Globe after the jump…

[via USA Today]


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