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Starve a City, Feed a Fever

Seahawks Super Bowl
Blake Henderson is a comedy writer in New York City. He likes the way Marshawn Lynch does things, both on the field and off. He tweets from @blakeahenderson.


Unsurprisingly, one of the most underreported stories of this dumbed-down and ridiculous Super Bowl media craze is probably the most relatable. It centers around having something you love taken from you. Everyone knows that feeling. It sucks.

The Sonics were Seattle’s Team for four decades. Yeah, we had the Seahawks and we had the Mariners and we had the Huskies. We had teams. But the Sonics were Seattle’s Team. Then, in 2008, they were gone. Poof. Just like that.

Even before the team packed up and migrated to the middle (with a Legend in the making, too), Seattle was hurting. We still are. Our Team was taken. But guess what? When you take something from someone, they get pissed. And they either want it back or they find a fitting replacement.

So Seattle became a football city. We realized that, just like the Sonics, the Seahawks were always there for us (except when that clown tried to move them to LA). Every Sunday from September through December. Sometimes they made the playoffs. They even went to the Super Bowl once. They’re owned by a dorky billionaire who was born and raised in Seattle. We liked that. So they became Seattle’s Team. And we realized they probably always were.

So that’s why the Seahawks fanbase is now one of the most rabid in the world. And that’s why the city has become so attached to the 12th Man moniker. Shady businessmen took what we loved before. And we’re not going to allow it to happen again. We’ll break sound records. We’ll roll deep. We’ll live and die with our Team.

This is what happens when you starve a city of something they need. You’re gonna end up feeding a fever.

Go Seahawks.


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