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Square Bears: Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields Break Down Their Infamous “Nerd Handshake”


By now you’ve no doubt seen the legendary nerd handshake that Knicks Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields get off before every game. Well in case you were wondering exactly what they are doing, Lin uploaded this video on youtube breaking down the 7 steps of the infamous nerd shake:

Step 1:  Lin and Fields get off the simultaneous right-left hi-5 (they claim it has no meaning)

Step 2:  Both men put on the “spectacles” to signify their nerd connection (Lin went to Harvard and Fields went to Stanford = square schools)

Step 3:  Fields uses his hands to make a book, which is actually a bible, as both men show their faith/Jesus Freakiness

Step 4:  Lin flips through Landry’s hand bible to find an adequate verse to show their faith/Jesus Freakiness

Step 5: Lin and Fields close the bible and grab the spectacles from their faces and put it in their shirt, where all the smart people put them.

Step 6: Lin and Fields point up to God, to once again show that they are uber religious/Jesus Freaks

Step 7:  Fields smacks Lin on the ass in easily the most suspect element of the handshake and as a means to make people wonder what’s really going down? (like that one episode of “That’s My Mama” featuring Joe the Policeman)

Video of Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields providing a step-by-step  breakdown the “nerd handshake” after the jump…

[via Jeremy Lin’s youtube channel]


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