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Spotted: UCONN and Iowa State Reckless Eyeballing Allie LaForce During Sweet 16

UCONN Iowa State Allie LaForce


A textbook example of some “Desert Thirst” was evident during the UConn-Iowa State Sweet 16 matchup on Friday at Madison Square Garden as NCAA Tournament sideline reporter Allie LaForce was bombarded by thirst from players and staff from both teams throughout the game.

Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel was in attendance at the game and acknowledged that the thirst for LaForce is real:

Whilst it is never a good idea to get caught reckless eyeballing during a basketball game, sometimes the situation is unavoidable, especially when it is a chick as hot as LaForce roaming the sidelines looking qualified to be satisfied.

It reminds me of time during my playing days when we were on the road against Arizona State and they just so happened to have the Phoenix Suns cheerleaders handling all of the in-game entertainment. I’ve never seen less attention paid during timeouts in my life and damn near everyone on both benches had their head on a swivel.

[photo via @cjzero]


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