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Spotted: The Greatest Laker of All Times and Kobe Bryant at Dodger Game

Magic and Kobe Laker Game


Laker Legends Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant were posted like a mailbox at Chavez Ravine on Tuesday night, to watch the Dodgers and Yankees wrap up their 2-game meeting.

Kobe’s appearance at the Dodgers game comes more than a month after he was spotted in Anaheim not stopping crime, but instead chugging on a Corona to watch the Yankees take on the Angels.

For all the Kobe fans out there getting salty about the title of the article, please keep a cool booty, I don’t think Magic is the greatest Laker of all times.

That honor goes to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Good luck trying to debate me on that one, especially to all them squarerrorists out here.

[via @Dodgers]



  1. what August 1, 2013

    you said greatest Laker of all time. OK i see Kobe. your article seems to mention another person was Jerry West there?


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