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Spotted: Selena Gomez Caught Eye-Hustling Bieber’s Text Message + Kiss Cam at Spurs-Lakers Game


Teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber decided to make a cameo at the Spurs-Lakers game on Tuesday night, accompanied by his “boo” Selena Gomez as the couple sat courtside to enjoy the Kobe-less Lake Show get their a$$es busted by Tim Duncan and them.

During the game, Gomez was spotted reckless eye-balling Bieber’s phone as he was sending out a text message, likely to Usher. Gomez didn’t even try to play it off as her eyes stayed glued to Bieber’s phone, in one of those standard signs that she might be a crazy/deranged chick.

After seeing this we might have to start calling Gomez “Nosie Perez” cause she is on her (pseudo?) boo harder than a well viagra’d meat.

Bieber and Gomez also made an “unexpected” appearance on the now legendary “Kiss Cam,” as Bieber gave his boo what could only be described as a pump fake courtesy kiss as she giggled over the likely planned moment.

Video of Bieber and Selena Gomez on the Kiss Cam after the jump…


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