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Spotted: RG3 Doing Some Elite (8) Cupcaking at Baylor-Kentucky Game


Future multi-millionaire quarterback Robert Griffin III and his fiance Rebecca Liddicoat were in the building to support the Baylor basketball squad in their Elite 8 game against Kentucky.

After storming through the Tournament in their ArchBishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan themed green and neon yellow jerseys, the Bears were forced to rock their black jerseys and the rest was history, as Kentucky proceeded to get all up in their a$$ like a wedgie.

With the draft a month away, guaranteed RG3 wasn’t tripping and neither was his boo, as she is getting ready to become a multi-millionaire as well, unless Griffin takes Kanye’s advice and makes her holler at that prenup.

I was very critical of RG3’s decision to roll with a boo of that quality, given all the cheese he is going to make and the potential to smash a much higher quality of cakes, but after taking a closer look, it’s safe to say that his boo is thicker than a snicker and can get the job done.

I was going to make a catchy comment about how RG3’s boo wasn’t with him throwing on the field (to play on that Drake line about Kobe’s boo), but guaranteed she’s caught his balls more than a few times :)


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