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Spotted: Mark Cuban Pissing With O’Brien Trophy


Mark Cuban has been stunting like a gymnast since the Mavs won the first NBA Championship in franchise history a few days ago and this legendary gem popped up in the aftermath, featuring Cuban pissing whilst holding the O’Brien Trophy.

To be honest, you really can’t blame Cuban for trying to take the O’Brien Trophy everywhere he goes, because much like a dime, it’s a solid accessory no matter what the occasion.

Hopefully Cuban wiped the Trophy down with some hand sanitizer, but he seems like the type of dude that is so busy that he gets off the quick-shake, which always leads to a little dribble (see what I did there?) on the front of the pants.

On the bright side, at least Cuban was spotted in a stall dropping some heat, like the Mavs did in the Finals.

[via Busted Coverage]


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