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Spotted: LeBron, Wade & Bosh Caught Clowning Heat Fan With Janky Haircut


Since the Lakers provided little competition and/or entertainment in their first meeting with the Heat this season, LeBron and company had to find alternative methods of entertainment during the quasi-blowout.

Late in the 3rd quarter, as the Heat had a comfortable 19-point lead, Bosh and James were resting on the bench with Wade, who was inactive, when a dude that looked something like a skinny poor man’s DJ Khaled (with one of the jankiest haircuts in modern history) walked by the bench and got their attention.

After taking a good look at the dude, LeBron got the attention of Wade and Bosh and proceeded to clown him as he walked by the bench and back to his seat, getting a good chuckle in the process.

A multi-screen grab breakdown of LeBron, Wade and Bosh clowning the janky haircut having Heat fan after the jump…

1. The Heat fan with the janky haircut walks past Bosh, LeBron and Wade on the bench and appears to say something to get their attention

2. LeBron alerts Wade and Bosh to the Heat fan with the janky haircut, probably with a question like, “is that nig for real with that haircut?” in a rare situation where LBJ can actually clown another man for having a ‘do more questionable than his own.

3. LeBron, Wade and Bosh all crack up to themselves, not realizing (or caring) that they are on camera as the Heat fan with the janky haircut walks past them and back to his seat.

4. Bosh gets caught reckless eyeballing the Heat fan with the janky haircut, giving him what we like to calll ‘indications,’ and more or less giving the impression that despite the haircut, he would still enjoy smashing his cakes.


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