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Spotted: LeBron Rolling With The Murse (Man Purse) During Heat-Lakers Game

(For video of LeBron getting spotted with murse CLICK HERE)


During halftime of the Knicks-Celtics game, ESPN gave fans a sneak peek of the highly anticipated Heat-Lakers game, featuring a shot of Dwyane Wade rocking a muscle shirt and LeBron James carrying what appeared to be a murse (man purse).

Although fashion never dies, the recent shift by NBA dudes towards the hipster phenomenon, including the migration towards the murse,  has come with some mixed reviews.

A normal dude (aka “a square”) rolling with a murse might receive its fair share of  “pause(s)” and “no homos,” but when the best player in the NBA decides to roll with the man purse a trend is instantly born.

No word what LeBron was carrying in the murse but my guess is that he had a 2-year old can of Murray’s hair grease (still about 78% full) and an army fatigue-themed wave cap to keep his hairline intact to the best of his ability.

The murse proved to be a back luck charm though, as the Bosh-less Heat got served with a cherry on top by the Lake Show.

Video of LeBron strolling with the murse after the jump…


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