Spotted: LeBron Rides Bike To Heat-Bulls Game (aka Tour De Miami)


LeBron James further added to his Legend this weekend, after being spotted getting his ‘Lance Armstrong’ and cycling through Miami to American Airlines Arena for the Heat-Bulls game Sunday.

In his continuing quest to become the greatest, LeBron decided to add some cycling to his grueling offseason workout regimen, riding for miles to improve his stamina and overall well-being.

The bike ride proved to have no ill effects on Bron Bron’s game, as he dropped 35 points on a Bulls squad featuring last season’s MVP Derrick Rose whilst leading his squad to victory.

Good thing there weren’t any Kobe fans in the Miami area, as one of them would have probably tried to run over LeBron in an attempt to move up the ranks of the Kobe System’s Level 10:  ‘LeBrating at all costs.”

At 15-5 so far this season, the Heat are still on pace for a 60-win season as LeBron has shown individually that he is deserving of another MVP.

A funny photoshop of LeBron riding his bike after the jump…

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