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Creeper Fat Booty Friday NBA Questionable Call Swag

Spotted: Kimye (Kanye and Kim Kardashian) Cupcaking at Lakers-Nuggets Game 7


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the couple affectionately dubbed “Kimye” by the squares, made an appearance courtside for the Game 7 matchup between the Lakers and Nuggets and came close to setting a celebrity cupcaking record at an NBA game.

The couple was spotted numerous times throughout the game cuddling and canoodling like they thought that they were at a (Cup)Cakers game and not a Lakers game.

It’s hard to blame Yeezy for wanting to wife a chick with as many “assets” as Kim Kardashian, as many men would love to be all up in Kim’s cheeks like a wedgie, even though that probably wouldn’t last longer than a TV timeout trying to handle all that thickness.

Some may try to clown Kanye for publicly loving a chick that made a porno with Ray-J and put a ring on Kris Humphries, but any time that your Boo can compete with you in a game of big bank take little bank, she got to be a winner and not a chicken dinner.

More pics of Kanye and Kim cupcaking at the Lakers game after the jump…



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