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Spotted: Jay Mariotti Solo Dolo at KCRW’s Moby Concert in Los Angeles


So a group of us decided to roll to the KCRW’s free Moby concert in Century City this past weekend, and amidst the sea of hipsters, legends, regs etc. was none other than former Around The Horn panelist, Chicago Sun-Times/AOL writer, and sports journalism square extraordinaire Jay Mariotti.

Mariotti has been subject to the “damn homie, in high school you was the man homie” type lifestyle after nearly falling off the face of the earth after some legal transgressions and boo issues caused him to get booted from both his ESPN and AOL gigs.

Once known for being one of the biggest metrosexuals in sports entertainment history, Mariotti was big on keeping his eyebrows properly manscaped and going heavy on the foundation any time he was going to make an on-air cameo.

We went up and hollered at Jay to see if it was really him, but he was trying to front like we were boo boo the fool, refusing to acknowledge that he was Jay Mariotti, whilst still trying to hold on to the celebrity status that he once attained when ESPN decided to make squares bigger stars than the athletes.

The dude appeared to be the same look, shape and build as Mariotti and even stood there most of the time with a surly look on his face in true Jay Mariotti form.

But a quick check of Mariotti’s twitter account (he appears to have started another one after an extended hiatus) shows that he actually tweeted about the event both hours before it started and in the aftermath, so it pains me to say, that it was actually Jay Mariotti.

Mariotti claimed that he was waiting to meet up with a chick and proceeded to show a text conversation that was going on with his alleged guest via his iPhone.

It should be noted that there was only convo bubbles on the right side of the phone, which indicates he was sending a bunch of texts and getting bigtimed.

After a brief convo with Mariotti, we both went our separate ways, so no word if the chick he was suppose to meet actually showed up, but Moby was decent though in case you’re wondering.

More pics of Jay Mariotti at Moby’s show after the jump…



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